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By Werner Tillmetz on behalf of the organizing committee


Dear friends of battery and fuel cell technologies,

I am delighted to invite you to attend the 14th Ulm Electrochemical Talks (UECT), which will again be an unique opportunity to meet world leading experts in the field of batteries, fuel cells, electrolyzers and other electrochemical energy technologies.


The 2014 talks will focus on the topic of "Next Generation Electrochemical Energy Technologies". The number of electric driven vehicles on the road is growing rapidly - whether battery electric, fuel cell powered or hybrids. At the same time electrical energy storage technologies in combination with renewable energy start to gain major interest in various markets. Since the first generation products are now commercially available, it is time to discuss the next generation technologies, needed for a sustainable market growth.


Our international recognized Scientific Committee was able to invite high quality speakers from all around the world, covering the most important activities in science, applied research and product development. Enjoy with me many fruitful talks at the bank of the Danube river.


Looking forward to seeing you in Ulm,

Prof. Werner Tillmetz


Dates to remember

July 31, 2014 - Deadline for submission of Journal of Power Sources (JPS) manuscript



Some UECT impressions:

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